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TrackDiet provides free, managed, and easy-to-use weight loss competition and challenges. You can lose weight with your friends and family using a little friendly competition to help you along the way. This site was created to help people keep track of their diet challenges and group competitions. It's free and supported by ads.

Why Compete?

Losing weight isn't easy. But there are two big factors that can help. First, setting a goal weight and a goal date. Second, publicly announcing your intentions to lose weight - (peer pressure). A public challenge supports both of those factors, and this makes it easier. The goal of this site is to help you lose weight.

Completely Free

Signing up is completely free. Weight loss contests and challenges are also free when you sign up for a free trial or other offer on trialpay! Once you're signed up, you can join a Challenge or even start your own!

New Challenges

Weight loss contests should be fun! So remember when you're looking for diets that work, you'll want to consult with a physician to make sure that you're healthy enough for the particular regimen you are undertaking because nobody wants for anything bad to happen when you're making steps in the right direction. There are many ways you can increase your health and fitness by just starting something today. For example, you can also visit to get more information on vitamins.


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